Disclosed methods of resuscitation of country plants after frost

18.07.2022 by No Comments

Landscape designer of the studio “LuxSad” Tatyana Mameeva revealed ways to resuscitate garden plants after frost.

Mameeva said that summer frosts do not affect a healthy and strong plant, only those that lack vitamins freeze slightly. Therefore, she emphasizes, it is important to treat them in time with preparations – hormonal for the leaf or granular complex under the root: all this enhances the viability of the plant and its resistance to temperature extremes and cold.

The expert noted that frostbitten affected plants need to be cut off for accelerated sap flow and fertilized, as the plant has suffered, and it needs to make life easier. “Therefore, we remove the upper shoots, spill it abundantly with water and be sure to introduce top dressing – mineral fertilizers under the root. In addition, since the plant is weakened, I recommend spraying it against diseases and pests, ”advises Mameeva.

According to the landscape designer, if in summer the temperature drops to plus five degrees, then you need to take care of the root system of the plant. “You can add a mulch layer, any kind of bark. You can bring the plant out of spring hibernation by pruning. This will form and strengthen the root system, and the plant will not be afraid of frost, ”the specialist recommends.

If the temperature drops below zero degrees, then additional protective equipment is needed, warns Mameeva. “Roses, for example, and other perennials can be covered with spunbond agrofiber. And, knowing that there will be frosts, wrap the plants in advance with agro-covering and secure with pegs, ”she advises.

The main principle of garden planning Mameeva calls the choice of plants that can endure the local climate. “90 percent of our plants are adapted to temperature drops and live stably in our climate in any conditions,” the expert summed up.