Named ideal plants for landscaping loggias

18.07.2022 by No Comments

In the middle of summer, not only flowers can be planted on the balcony, but also some vegetables that will quickly yield a harvest, said landscape designer Maria Tsepkova. She named plants ideal for landscaping the loggia.

The specialist advised choosing annual crops that do not require planting in large pots. According to her, marigolds, pansies or marigolds will be an excellent choice for beginner flower growers who want to green the loggias – these plants rarely get sick, do not require special care and bloom for a long time. Ideal for landscaping loggias and nasturtiums: it does not need the most noble soil, minimal maintenance is required. Petunia can be planted in hanging baskets on the balcony, but this plant loves care: it needs to be watered regularly, fed once a month and sprayed in the heat, Tsepkova added.

If you want to plant not flowers on the balcony, but plants that can produce a crop, the landscape designer recommended taking a closer look at garden strawberries. Preference should be given to small-fruited varieties that bloom for a long time and bring a crop until late autumn. They also feel good in conditions of limited space and will become a real decoration of the balcony, grain and asparagus beans, gherkins and cherry tomatoes.